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Audiology is a medical science that pertains to a person’s hearing and balance, and the treatment of any related disorders. An audiologist is a trained medical professional who has completed several years of specialized education in this area of expertise in order to appropriately treat patients for a variety of auditory and balance conditions.

The Audiology Department at Buckhead ENT provides a range of services for the identification and treatment of hearing and vestibular disorders for children and adults of all ages. If you have been diagnosed with a hearing condition and are in need of audiology care, call (404) 350-7966 to request an appointment at our ENT office in Atlanta, GA.

What Can an Audiologist Treat?

Audiologists of Buckhead Ear, Nose, & Throat focus in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of hearing and balance problems. Our providers will work directly with patients to develop a treatment strategy that best suits them, and will continually monitor the progress patients are able to make at bettering their condition.

Perform Hearing Tests

One of the first diagnostic procedures performed for those experiencing hearing difficulties is a hearing test. This test produces an audiogram, which is a graphic representation of the individual’s reaction to numerous sounds at varying tones and frequencies.

Treatment for Tinnitus

Individuals who consistently hear sounds of buzzing, clicking, or ringing in their ears when no source to the sound exists are often diagnosed with tinnitus. This symptom is often the result of an underlying medical condition, or injury to the head or neck. Your audiologist often works to identify the true cause of a patient’s tinnitus, and is then able to give professional recommendations on how to move forward with treatment.

Hearing Aids and Listening Devices

We use the latest technology available to fit and dispense hearing aids and hearing assistive listening devices. Hearing aids have become more technologically advanced in recent years, which have shown significant improvements in their sound quality. At Buckhead ENT we dispense a variety of hearing aids including digital, digitally programmable and power hearing aids. We also offer many assistive devices such as vibrating alarm clocks, personal FM systems and telephone amplifiers.

Below are a few of the hearing aid and earmold manufacturers we partner with at Buckhead ENT:

Custom Earplugs and Earbuds

Our other Audiology services include creating custom earplugs and noise protectors for any individual exposed to high levels of noise, as well as musicians’ earplugs, broadcasting monitors and custom earmolds for MP3 players.

Earwax Removal

Another common problem that can lead to hearing issues is the buildup of earwax within the ear canal. Patients should never attempt to remove this wax on their own, as it can easily lead to significant damage of the ear and its various structures.

We also partner with the American Hearing Aid Associates to provide you the highest quality hearing aids at the lowest prices available.

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