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A vital part of managing any allergy is to properly diagnose it first. The variety of tests performed to determine a child’s particular allergy (or allergies) is known as allergy testing. An even more specific type of allergy testing is an allergy skin test.

An allergy skin test is used to investigate multiple potential allergens at the same time. There are three different kinds of skin tests that may be utilized. Dr. Keith Dockery is an expertly trained ENT specialist highly trained in diagnosing and treating allergies. Call (404) 350-7966 to request an appointment at our ENT office in Atlanta, GA.

The Scratch Test

Usually one of the first allergy tests performed, the scratch test involves placing the liquid form of an allergen on the skin by pricking it with a small needle. Because many allergens are tested at the same time, Dr. Dockery will systematically position all of the allergens across a large surface area of the body (usually on the arm or back).

The patient is then closely monitored to see how their skin reacts, and which allergens appear to be causing the reaction.

The Patch Test

If the allergist suspects any particular allergens that may be causing your child’s symptoms, they will likely conduct a patch test.

This assessment uses an adhesive patch that is coated with a specific substance, which is worn for approximately 48 hours, making it especially useful when trying to detect any sort of delayed allergic reaction.

The Injection Test

Similar to the scratch test, the injection allergy test requires a dose of the potential allergen to be administered directly onto the child’s skin. The major difference between the two tests is that the injection is aimed at getting the allergen beneath the dermal layer of the skin, whereas the scratch test is merely on the surface.

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If you are concerned about your child and whether or not they may have an allergy, it is always best to seek the advice of a licensed professional. At Buckhead Ear, Nose, & Throat, we specialize in a variety of allergy and immunology tests. Each of our physicians are also personally dedicated to making sure that you and your family are prepared to handle an allergic reaction should you ever need to.

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