6 Reasons to Have Your Hearing Tested Regularly

Most hearing loss is subtle at first, and you may not even notice a change. In fact, it is usually friends and family who alert someone to their hearing issue. Although children are regularly tested, most adults do not even think about scheduling a hearing test like they would their vision. We have listed 6 reasons to have your hearing tested regularly.

Signs You May Need a Hearing TestHearing Test.

There are lots of daily instances where you may not be hearing everything and certainly not hearing what others do.

  • Are you frequently asking people to repeat themselves?
  • Are you finding yourself turning up the volume on your TV?
  • Is it harder to understand everyone at a noisy restaurant?
  • Are there misunderstandings at work or at home causing disagreements?

These kinds of situations can happen on a daily basis and continue to affect relationships.

Specific Reasons to Have Your Hearing Tested Regularly

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association guidelines state that adults should get a hearing screening every 10 years up until age 50, and adults over the age of 50 should get one every 3 years.

Family History

If other members of your family have hearing issues, this is an excellent reason to schedule a hearing test with Buckhead Ear, Nose, & Throat in Atlanta.

Set Your Baseline Hearing

Once you know your hearing capacity in each ear, you become aware of any issues. There are sounds you may not be hearing and impairments that might indicate further tests or treatments.

Helps Measure Future Changes

Each new test will compare new information with past tests. Some changes happen gradually and the tests will identify any changes even if you don’t.

Helps Diagnose and Treat Early Problems

New tests track changes and how rapidly they are happening, which can help diagnose and treat problems early, such as a buildup of earwax or noise-induced hearing loss.

Diagnose Medical Conditions

Sometimes hearing loss is a symptom of an underlying medical condition like diabetes and high blood pressure (linked to hearing loss and tinnitus), plus cardiovascular disease and kidney disease. You may be able to relieve hearing loss by treating the medical conditions causing them.

Prevent Further Damage

When a patient is without treatment, they can become depressed and fear social situations inviting isolation and more depression.

Seniors with hearing problems can have increased injuries when they don’t hear warning signals like car horns, smoke alarms, and other sounds that mean danger.

In addition, untreated hearing loss is associated with dementia and falls.

Getting Answers

Maybe you have suspected you have a hearing loss. Now you have answers including the knowledge that hearing aids will improve not only your hearing but your relationships with family, friends, and coworkers.

Once your hearing loss is treated with the appropriate hearing aids, you will begin hearing sounds you’ve missed like the birds singing, the wind in the trees, a baby’s gurgling sounds, and a ticking clock.

Don’t miss out on instructions at work meetings, your child’s laughter, or a loved one’s voice.

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